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Diving with weights

November 13, 2009

I’m no expert on freediving but know it’s got the potential to get dangerous really quickly, and am always cautious of the sea. My only point on weights is that I’d recommend you do lots of hours of snorkeling and diving down before you use diving weights.

Yes, even with no wetsuit it can be a slight hassle to get down without them. But on the plus side when you get short of air, your buoyancy does a lot of the work to bring you to the surface. When you use weights I sometimes find i’ve gone deep too easily, and when you see the surface is a long way away it can be quite frightening, especially knowing you aren’t naturally floating towards it.

There’s lots of useful info on the web about shallow water blackouts which you should read even before you go ten or twenty feet down.
This is probably the most responsible thing I will ever post. I feel very grown up