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Spearfishing in croatia

November 15, 2009

I went to Croatia on a boat trip for a week, which ran from split to dubrovnik and back, visiting a different island evey day (with catarina lines, booked with onthego).

We went at the very start of the summer season in late may, and it was mostly hot enough to sunbathe on deck but I needed a wetsuit to dive for a long time.

Spearfishing was really disappointing, probably the worst place i’ve been for fish. I spent a lot of time in the water in every island we went to (brac, hvar, korkula, makaska), and tried swimming near shore and offshore.

Most of the fish I saw (and I’d go for half hour with nothing at all) were smaller than a mobile phone, and very occasionally I saw one as big as (to stick with lounge comparisons) a sky remote.

It was a shame because I had high hopes after I found a shop a split harbour with racks of spearguns. I’m sure there’s good fishing to be had there, maybe the locals know the best spots. Maybe you have to take a boat way out into the Adriatic.

Still, the visibility was normally really good and the whole coastline is stunning. I’d be interested to hear if anyone’s had more success there.