Spearfishing marbella

Marbella’s one of my favourite places to go spear fishing, even though the fish are small. You just have to accept that you’re mostly fishing for fun, and if you catch something big enough to eat that’s a bonus.

If you swim out from the beach about 100 metres, it’s about 20 feet deep and when visibility is good you’ll see lots of bream and wrasses.

I tend to go in august when you don’t need a wetsuit but a tshirt or rashvest stops you burning without realising. There’s a shop in Marbella (like everywhere, closes at 1pm for siesta) that sells guns and spares. I’ll look up the address….

Ideal gun (in my opinion) is a 40cm pneumatic with a multiple-prong tip. Really important to use a diving float as there are lots of other boats and jet skis around.

Most interesting things we’ve got there are octopus and have seen a moray eel but not recovered it. Best way is to dive and chill atthe bottom, look really carefully under rocks, and look for places with a natural shelf where it drops down in depth.

Also there’s more fish at the slightly rougher beaches down toward Gibraltar, and apparently big tuna out of Cadiz although I’ve never tried it.


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3 Responses to “Spearfishing marbella”

  1. Eoghan casey Says:

    Did you get the address of the gun shop? I’m going this year and I’m interested!

    • armedsnorkeling Says:

      had to street view it, and recall a long walk several years ago. Found it!

      Calle de Rodrigo de Triana, 8, 29603 Marbella, Spain. Looks like the shop is called Montemar. have fun, let me know if you catch anything.

  2. Eoghan casey Says:

    Great thank you! I definitely will!

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