Spearfishing in lake powell

My first time spearfishing was in lake Powell, which is a huge (biggest man made lake in America I think) expanse of water that straddles Utah and Arizona. It was formed by damming the Colorado river, and looks like the grand canyon in some ways – huge sheer red burnt cliffs and crystal clea water.

We hired a houseboat for a few days, which i’d recommend to anyone. You just drive around and look for nice beach coves, and then ram the boat half onto the beach to stay the night. Lake powell takes a while to drive to from Vegas, but was worth it (looks way nicer than lake mead).

Anyway I’d stumbled upon a spear gun on eBay, a 75cm sommap (french company) gun for less than £40 new. We swam around with it at sunset, and within about half an hour I remember my mate reappearing with a fish. I couldn’t believe it….and after that it was on!

We spent hours in the water for those few days and got maybe three or four fish each day (bass, with a good one a foot long). Mostly we found them in the shallows, but I’d be interested to hear from anyone that dives down properly deep there.


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